Halong Bay is located in the northernmost part of Vietnam. It belongs to Quang Ninh Province, and need to take about 4 hours transferring from Hanoi by bus (or car). Its name means “descending Dragons into the sea”. Halong Bay was recognized as a UNESCO heritage site in 1994 and won as a New 7 Wonders in 2007. Mysterious legend Halong Bay of Vietnam To be pride of one of the most marvelous destinations of Vietnam particularly, and South East Asia generally, Halong Bay greets thousands of visitors each single day. The Bay brings an exotic beauty with more than 1960 limestone Islands and Islets which have been taken shape into the sea from 500 million years ago. Thanks to the Mother Nature, Halong Bay also owns an extreme biodiversity with full of karst caves, tranquil beaches, and unspoiled jungles. For this reason, when exploring Halong, you have a dozen of beguiling activities such as swimming, kayaking, sunbathing in private places, biking through the forest, climbing to the mountain, fishing among emerald ocean, visiting the unique caves, etc.