Mekong River – the largest fresh river in Vietnam with 9 main branches which uniformly stream into the Pacific. Seeing in the map, Mekong River Vietnam looks like 9 dragons; therefore Vietnamese calls it “Cuu Long Delta” (Nine Dragons Delta). It is also the richest delta with a great amount of alluvium converging every year. In common with an entangled rivers, branches and canals system, Mekong Delta is needed as breath for the life in Southwestern Vietnam .To completely experience Mekong culture in the trips to Vietnam, people often take a boat excursion to go deeper to the real life of local. Sitting on a motor-boat, you will be enjoyed the original scenes of the palm creeks living on narrow canals. It is spattered the houses on stilts which have a half on land, and a half lying on the stilts built solidly under the water. After feeling a part of Mekong culture with floating houses and floating fishing farm, the boat leads you to orchard gardens – the other specific. Trying some tropical picking fruit on the garden and listening to “Đờn ca Tài Tử” (a folk music of the Southwestern) seem to be the integral activities in Cuu Long Delta.