How to travel to Ninh Thuan province?

How to travel to Ninh Thuan province?

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Ninh Thuan is  become one of the famous places Viet Nam with the sightseeings, friendly peple and culinary culture. When you travel Ninh Thuan province, you can discover  about white-sand beaches, sand hill, vast gardens of table grapes, onions and hot peppers.Besides, the province is also inhabited by a great number of the Cham ethnic minority people.


Ninh Thuan is 105km from Nha Trang, 110km from Da Lat, 350km from Ho Chi Minh City and 1.382km from Hanoi. Phan Rang Town is on North - South Express Train, National Highway No.1A and National Highway No.27.

Tourists can travel Ninh Thuan by motorcycle, private car, buses, plane, and train from Hanoi, Saigon and Da Nang.

Aircraft: Arrive at Cam Ranh airport, and then come to Ninh Thuan by car.

Train: Travelers can buy train ticket at any train station to get to Thap Cham stop. From here take a taxi to the city center of Phan Rang.

2.The best time to travel to ninh thuan province

Ninh Thuan lies within the driest region with tropical monsoon climate. The province has no winter and there are two seasons a year: rainy season from September to November and dry season from December to August. The annual average temperature is 27oC. Ninh Thuan’s weather is quite extreme with hot and dry atmosphere all year round. It is advisable that tourists make their trip during December to January when the weather is less extreme. In contrast, they should avoid traveling to this region in September to November since there may be hard rain and storms.

3.Ninh Thuan attractions

Ninh Thuan – the miraculous land with wonderful landscapes from long-standing architectures like Cham’s tower, unique traditional festivals, to pristine beautiful beaches such as Ca Na, Ninh Chu or Vinh Hy…is continuously welcoming visitors all around the world.

Ninh Chu beach

Ninh Chu,which is located in Khanh Hai commue, Ninh Hai district, 6 kms far from Phan Giang-Thap cham town in the East, is considered as the most attracted place in Ninh Thuan It is favoured with beautiful seascape and nice terrain, it not difficult for any tourist to find the road here. Ninh Chu beach possesses pure blue water, gently and calmly waving in the breeze that is wonderful for you to wallow in crystal water and leave stress out. Wonderfully, Ninh Chu is cool weather with sunshine all year round, so you can totally visit Ninh Chu in every season . Beside nice beach, you may drop in some other places near Ninh Chu like Nại reservoir of shrimp, fish and squid, Da Chong mountain, or Tan An mountain…One more, in Ninh Chu, you can easily choose many kinds of fresh seafood with reasonable price. If you are an active lover, you would be pleased with interesting outdoor activities here, definitely.

Ca Na beach


Ca Na beach lies on 1A highway and Thong Nhat railway as well, 30 kms from Phan Giang-Thap Cham city centre in the South . Ca Na is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam because of its so cool and pure blue water matching with long white sand beach. Especially, you will be surprised by seeing shoals of anchovy swimming under undulating waves or watching sea-birds freely flying in the sky from Hon Lao near the beach. For visitors those love peaceful space with cool air in moonlight, Ca Na is such a great place that they might be full of admiration of sightseeing views, listening wave sounds at bright moon night. After all, you will feel Ca Na is really ideal for your holiday.

Vinh Hy bay


Vinh Hy is in the location of Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, 42 kilometers far from Phan Giang city in the Northeast. As traveling to Vinh Hy, you have experience of discovering vast blue sea; enormous forests and mountains. To tour around Vinh Hy bay on boat is very exciting for you while you can take a panoramic picture that is both pristine and quiet, but not less poetic. Then, you may take a visit to Chua mountain which is not far from Vinh Hy bay. Leaving Vinh Hy, you will go across a chain-bridge and spend 15 minutes walking to reach nature conversation area of Chua mountain. In fact, this place is so fresh and quiet that we could be restful and forget stress in daily busy life. Along with sightseeing, you are advised to swim in pure cool stream, feel relaxing moments.

Striding along Nam Cuong sand hill


Nam Cuong sand hill with total area of 700 hectares is located in Phan Giang town.When coming to Nam Cuong hill, tourists will admire smooth, iridescent yellow sand dunes under sunshine. Accidentally and intriguingly, you may catch Cham girls wearing graceful and charming Cham traditional dress. In original way, Nam Cuong sand dunes’s shape is so changeable every hour, every minute and every second that you have never seen your footmark though you have just left it. The great time to visit sand dunes is in the sunrise, when standing on the top of Nam Cuong sand hill, you can sightsee and feel the glow of dawn is gradually rising up, prevasively spreading out sand dunes to make lithe, subtle, striking and eye-catching beauty. Also, from the sight of Nam Cuong, you will view grandiose beautiful Cha Bang– the mountain which is attached to Ponai legend of Cham people in the past.

Bau Truc village 

Located far from Phan Rang – Thap Cham city about 10 km southBau Truc is a famous destination with many Cham pottery products. Bau Truc is the only one pottery village in Vietnam that workers only use his talented hands to make earthenware products. The distinguish pottery is just baked by straw and in the special way which is the woman goes back around the pottery’s table. Take a walk in Bau Truc village, you can enjoy any good of interesting experiences with vase, jar and craft in strange shapes or seeing how they clay the pottery.

Pklong Gia Lai temple – Cham temple

Po Klong Girai temple located entirely on the hill named Trau Hill, the center of the city of Phan Rang – Thap Cham 7 km to the west. This is a cluster of towers built from the thirteenth century, King Po Klong church tower Girai Panduranga Origin (1151 – 1205); current cluster of towers almost still intact in both architecture and the organization of worship. Pklong Gia Rai Temple, Ninh Thuan may be considered as the most beautiful temple in Cham temple system in Vietnam.

Phuoc Dinh sand dune


In the northwest Mui Dinh, Thuan Nam district, Ninh Thuan province. Sand dunes here are very special: every years, 1 time the dunes are carried inland, one time they retreated back toward the ocean. At the foot of the sand dunes that are winding stream empties into the sea, it also has a hundred years old lighthouse Mui Dinh. Unlike the famous sand dune in Mui Ne, Phuoc Dinh sand dune keeps its beauty in its fallow and silence. Accompany with this special, it is the very close sight of local life here creating the very fabulous picture of this place.

4. Foods

In Ninh Thuan, not only famous places but also its special dishes are valuable to enjoy. You are recommended to taste flavours of soup cake with fried fish, beef noodle soup, pork bologna, grape jam, grape wine or fried rice paper… these specialities make you appetizing, unforgettable.

"Can" cake - Shrimp cake


Can Cake is one among Ninh Thuan’s popular cakes, regarded as the must-try dish for visitors to this province.
Can Cake is derived from the Cham Community and made from rice powder and steamed on soil stoves, which are produced in Bau Truc, with 10 -15 small holes to cook the cake in.

Thit Dong- Seven dishes of iguanas


Thit Dong is quite famous in Ninh Thuan that you should try one time when coming here. Thit Dong is a type of reptiles live in hot sand dunes. The meat is fairy flavorful, sweet and strong. From Con Dong, there are seven dishes can be made of them: grilled, salad, porridge, chopped meat with rice paper, tamarind hot pot, roasted and steamed. And each dish will give visitors a different experience.

Com ga- Chicken rice of  Ninh Chu


Chicken rice Ninh Chu is quite special with tough, solid meat and unique fish sauce (garlic and chili). And when eating chicken rice in Ninh Thuan you can feel free to use you hand to shred the meat and dip it into the sauce.

Where to eat chicken rice:

  • Chicken rice restaurant Ngoc at Tran Binh Trong street.
  • Or Khanh Ky: No61  Tran Quang Dieu

Muc mot nang Phan Rang- One-sunny-day squid

Muc mot nang mean squid are dried under the sun once, is a popular specialty of stunning Ninh Thuan Province after squid of Binh Thuan. It’s really delicious and sweet. The best way to cook squid Phan Rang is grill and eats with hot chili sauce. With perfect fire, squid will be cooked both inside and outside.

Banh Canh Goi Ca- Fish rolls soup cake

Last but not least in special dishes in Ninh Thuan that travelers should try is Banh Canh Goi Ca or fish rolls soup cake. It is special by the harmorny combination of the sweet fish bones broth, rice flour of soup cake and fresh shrimp. It’s worth trying at least one time when you visiting a peaceful province.

Grapes of Ninh Thuan

Grapes in Ninh Thuan is fairly famous in Vietnam and this is place provide the best and delicious grapes for our country. It’s regrettable for visitors if they don’t come here and enjoy the remarkable moment in here.

Have a good trip!